Dallas McMillan - Marketing Consult Specialising in High Ticket Sales - High Value Sales
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Dallas McMillan – Marketing Consult Specialising in High Ticket Sales

Dallas-McMillanHi, I’m Dallas McMillan,

I’m a marketing strategist & digital mentor for coaches, consultants & professional services firms.

I specialise in helping professionals sell high value products and services and using online marketing.


I’m the founder of Influential – the Digital Agency for Professionals.

Influential specialises in brand and product launches,  go-to-market strategy, messaging & value optimisation – the things you must get right before you ever pitch, market or sell your most valuable products and services.

I work with Advisers, Coaches, Consultants, VCs and professional services firms who want the edge in their marketplace. I’m based in Cairns, Australia and work with clients internationally.

I’m known for my High-Value Brand framework – a methodology to help brands to ✓Monetise ✓Productise & ✓Commercialise their Value. I’m routinely told by B2B marketers, sales professionals, and VCs that my approach is unique & superior to anything they have seen before.

Here’s the facts:
✓ With the right message, you can close bigger deals with better clients at premium prices.
✘ With the wrong message, you’ll struggle to be understood and your marketing budget will be wasted.

Do you need my help?
►Do you struggle to explain what you do, who it’s for, or how you are different??

►Are your offerings complex, requiring long sales cycles & extensive education to reach a sale?

►Do you need to reach decision makers, such as C-level execs to close your deal?

►Do you face pressure to compete on price or terms in a commoditised marketplace?

If so, we should talk.

I teach people how to pitch, market and sell complex B2B products and services to decision makers.

My process turns your best results & expertise into marketing messages that your clients understand and respond to.

For more information about my approach, download my guides to digital marketing for professionals:

Or Connect with me on Linkedin
Or visit Influential